Boost your resilience and coping

Boost’s newsletter provides you and your team with actionable, real-time resilience guidance for working through COVID-19 and managing the 24/7 high volume demands with sustained coping and resilience.

Real-time resilience for the COVID-19 pandemic

It is important that we support each other as much as we can, consider how best to support and protect the most vulnerable people and, if we are able to, help those who are finding it very hard to manage anxiety and mood, and those experiencing trauma and loss. We also need to try to look after our own wellbeing as the current situation affects us all.

Boost is providing Medical Resilience Training (MRT) to healthcare professionals to help cope with adversity, adapt to change, sustain coping and resilience and overcome challenges. MRT provides tools and techniques that support healthcare professionals and their families in the development of mental, physical, emotional and behavioural strenghts and fitness.

Boost’s free newsletter will cover six resilience competencies that you can apply in your work and your life.

Help others by putting on your own mask first 

You can’t pour from an empty cup. As a healthcare provider during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know you are working hard to deliver exceptional care, and the stresses and demands you face may impact your energy and well-being. We’re doing our part by providing you with short, simple, evidence-based strategies for coping well under pressure. Boost’s free newsletter will provide you with three minutes of Medical Resilience Training content three days every week during this pandemic.

Manage your stress

Medical Resilience Training helps you build internal skills you can use to shut down counterproductive or unhealthy thinking, build motivation and focus on what is important.

Restore your well-being

Medical Resilience Training helps you dore your best when it matters most and helps you cope under pressure – it is important that you maintain and restore your well-being during this testing time.

Optimise your performance

This pandemic is a marathon, not a sprint. Stress might be activating to give you the urge to go faster and work harder. Working smarter not harder will support your effort best at this time. 

Boost is partnered with SAFEMED

Boost’s content is written by Dr. Margaret O’Rourke, a practising clinical psychologist, researcher, and medical educator.

SAFEMED is a programme designed to prevent burnout and build health, well-being, and resilience for doctors in training and doctors in practice.

SAFEMED programmes are evidence-based and focus on helping doctors cope with the stresses and strains of the 24/7 workplace.

Boost’s partnership with SAFEMED helps us provide important educational resources for doctors in this time of need.

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